Black Lake Stewardship Society

$1,000 and above
Alan & Louisa Shimamoto
Black Lake Bible Camp
Brian Wilmovsky
John Aslakson
Ken & Christy Raske
Larry & Sue Smith
Randy Selness
Tim & Sandy Collins
Vernon & Stacy Bonfield
Vince Gildner
$500 to $999
Bill Conrad
Bob Zeimek
Brenda & Eddie March
Dan Berschauer
Dena & Kelly Thompson
Dennis Boone
Doug Whitaker
Jeff Lemon
Jonna VanDyke
Kris & Lauri O'Bannon
Lyle Westhoff
Nancy & JB Davis
Pat & Mike Madigan
Ray Dooley
Robert & Nita Sell
Sonny Mike
Tim & Shirley Erickson
$100 to $499
Bart & Candice Rydalch
Betty Hall
Brian Delay
Conrad & Denise Riedl
David & Blanca Maag
Deb & John Wallace
Donna Bennett
Eric Lee
Francis Metz
Fred Metcalf
Greg Cummins
James & Melissa Beard
Jim & Carol Kirby
Jim Krieger
Joe & Sherry Heye
John & Effie Henkle
John Schumock
Kevin House
Lake & Sherry Stintzi
Leon Flaherty
Linda & Donald Rollins
Linda & Matt Tobin
Mark & Brenda Hetland
Maxine Jones
Nancy Williams
Nikki Pettet
Patricia Spoltman
Patty May
Paul Batton
Phil Brinker
Ruth Carr
Sue Adams
Thu Ngo
Under $100
Daphne McGregory
Donna Roney
Katherine Gray
Lori Grossi
Virginia Matson

Get Involved


Here are some ways you can get more involved in Saving Black Lake:


Volunteer Divers Needed

Do you Scuba Dive?  We're looking for volunteers to join our bottom barrier installation team.  This summer we'll be helping lake front residents install bottom barriers around their dock and swim area.  Bottom barriers (also known as benthic barriers) are made of dark cloth or bio-degradable burlap that are placed on the lake bottom and held down by rocks or sand bags to prevent nuisance weeds like water nymph from growing.  If you would be interested in joining the installation team, please email us with your contact information.


Boat Launch Helpers

One of the ways we can keep our lake clean is to keep boats and boat trailers from bringing in unwanted weeds.  We will need help from several volunteers to hand out flyers and educate boat owners during the boating season.  We'll be coordinating our efforts with Dept of Ecology, Fish and Wildlife, Thurston County Sheriffs Dept, and Columbus Park, Salmon Shores, and Evergreen Shores.  For more information, or to sign up for our first training meeting, please email us


Weed Rakers

Some of our lakefront residents are unable to rake the weeds from their shoreline.  'Weed Rakers' is a group of volunteers who help the elderly, widows, and disabled lakefront homeowners with clearing the weeds from their shoreline when they cannot do it themselves.   We need more volunteers to join the Weed Rakers team!  Please email us if you are interested in helping out!


Progressive BBQ 'Crew'

There is a lot that goes into planning a community event like this!  We need volunteers who have a passion for community and can help coordinate this event.  

Our Planning Committee Crew will confirm reservations, number of guests, arrange schedule, coordinate pick ups and boat ride-shares, and also create and distribute to registered participants: maps of lake with locations of host docks, color coded, and numbered.

Our Dock Crew will show up at host homes 20min before guests arrive to help with arriving/departing boats, tie up boats, raft boats together, help with extra fenders, and help guests on/off their boats.

If you'd like to be part of one of our Progressive BBQ 'Crews', email us right away!  If you want to host or just participate, please register on the event page.



Neighborhood Leaders

Do you like walking and visiting with your neigbors?  We are looking for outgoing people who can help us distribute flyers, gather community feedback, and encourage neighbors to come to our community meetings.  If you would like to volunteer as a Neighborhood leader, please email us.


Volunteer for Lake Watch

Thurston County is looking for volunteers to help "watch" Black Lake for algae blooms. Volunteers activities may include:

  • Contacting the County when you see an algae bloom.
  • Taking samples and delivering them to the County office in Olympia.
  • Posting warning signs.
  • Distributing toxic algae alerts to your neighbors.

To become a Lake Watch Volunteer, you can either print, fill out and send them the attached sign up form (click link) or you can enter your information and submit the form electronically.